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JIB Glass Services
Specialists in structural glazing, curtain walling and window installation


JIB Glass Services Ltd is a company with a wide range of experience in the glazing and glass Industry.

Directors and management have almost 50 years combined experience in the Industry, including being a member of the Chartered Institute of Builders and with BSc (HONS) Construction Management Degree. 
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 We offer our clients a professional, competent and reliable service far in excess of the industry standard, while at the same time minimising client investment in the service provided


Address:    Farnborough, Hampshire, GU140DL
Phone:        07582224938
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We have undertaken a variety of installations and are of a fully flexible nature to accommodate our clients.

We can....

JIB Glass Services offer the following Services to our clients:

• Fixing and glazing of - curtain wall screens (glass and rain screen panel systems)
• Fixing and glazing - commercial windows (tilt, turn and fixed light) 
• Fixing and glazing - glass turnstiles and glass sliders. 
• Fixing and glazing - balustrade
• Fixing and glazing - canopies
• Fixing and glazing - roof lights
• Fixing and glazing - portcullis systems
• Maintenance to all door types, curtain wall systems and windows.
• Manifestations where needed.
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